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Support Ukrainian therapist

You are invited to try out our new Beauty Treatment at our Beckenham Branch. Our new talented therapist Halyna, from Ukraine is here to work her magic. Halyna is from Kyiv, she managed to escape the war and now she lives in Bromley with her family and she is trying to start a new chapter in her life in the UK. She can't wait to see her fiancé again as she had to leave him behind....


Halyna will provide normal manicures and pedicures in our salon as well as providing new treatment that are popular in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Manicure and Pedicures use different techniques and tools.


Ukrainian manicure starts by cleaning up your cuticle by using electric nail bits. First the nail bed is cleaned with one type of drill bit, then the cuticle is removed with a second type of drill bit, finally polish is applied to the nail bed to create the desired shape.  Ukrainian manicure is durable, long lasting, natural and elegant. This Technique is suitable for everyone , especially for those who have uneven nail plate, the result will be smooth and glossy finish. 


Ukrainian pedicure provides a complete treatment characterised by an extensive cleaning of the surface of the nails, the cuticles and the skin that surrounds them with an electric nail shaper and different types of drills depending on each customer.

Why talk too much! Just see for yourself her amazing work :

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